Dreaming of the perfect car and not sure you can afford it?

Use our auto loan payment calculator. Our car finance calculator makes it simple and easy to find out how much car you can afford. Just type the amount of your auto loan, how many months you would like your auto loan term to be, and your desired auto loan rate. Detailed directions are below the calculator:


  • Type the amount of your loan into the first box of the car finance calculator. Be sure to subtract any down payment or trade-in amounts. This will let the car loan payment calculator give you the most accurate picture possible.
  • Enter the number of months into the second box of the car payment calculator. This configures how long you’d like to pay for your car through the car loan payment calculator.
  • Enter the interest rate into the third box of the auto loan calculator window. This could be an actual rate you’ve been quoted or an average rate for your area.
  • Click the Calculate button and the payment calculator will show your estimated payments. It’s that easy!